Welcome to The Gorgeous Revolution

At the age of four, I fell in love with lipstick. I used to hide in the bathroom and wallow in its red power as I rolled it out of its golden bullet case. I wanted it.

When I was a happy, exuberant and somewhat chubby 10-year- old, my dad lovingly said, “Won’t it be great when you lose you puppy fat?” Puppy fat – whatever that was – could obviously not be tolerated by lipstick loving women, so I started a diet the very next day.

My diet lasted for the next 23 years.

I discovered makeup. Dense blue Max Factor stick eye shadow and pasty pearly pink lipstick. I was sold. The beauty world clasped me to its warm bosom and I fell lock, stock and barrel down the beauty rabbit hole.

But when the time is ripe, and our truth is cracked open, we step out of the shadows, and providence pulls us down the road less travelled.

And we swim the other way.

I’m now no ordinary fish. I’ve stared long and hard at the beauty landscape. And I have escaped. Escaped the beauty grid.

Liberated my thighs, my brow, my belly and my grey hair.

To celebrate that visceral vehicle – my body. My best friend.

In a beauty world that celebrates taut limbs, smooth brows and concave stomachs, I am a recalcitrant outsider. No one in the beauty world speaks to me.

And I know I am not alone.

So if you love to plunge your face into a bunch of luscious real roses, eat gooey Turkish delight in bed, and sit mesmerised by a glistening dragonfly on the wing, then chances are you feel with an open heart. And chances are you are over being belittled by an industry that says you are not enough unless your brow doesn’t move and your thighs don’t wobble.

And you – like me – sense it is time for a change. A revolution.

A Gorgeous Revolution.

I have a plan. A BIG plan. A ripper plan. To change the beauty world from one of narcissism and competition to one of generosity and glorious, strong, unwaivering self love.

But first things first. To do that we must get truly liberated. Be free. Gorgeous women do not hold back. We are willing to jump off the cliff with nothing but an open heart.

This is a place to explore what it means to be woman today. A gutsy, provocative warm-hearted woman whose vulnerable underbelly sits on a potency worth bottling. For we no longer will be quiet. We are here to be heard with a mighty roar and irresistible warmth that says “Let’s do this”.

This is a place to clear the air and talk about ‘aging’, sex, money, frocks, diets, despair and other distractions, monogamy and infidelity, teenagers, relationships, competition, creativity, love, purpose, grace, our mothers, lipstick love, bellies, receiving, generosity, and above all, who we are and why we are here.

There is a place in the world to fill, that only we can fill, and we find it by letting go and being real.

So, welcome to The Gorgeous Revolution and thank you for joining me. I look forward to getting to know you, and considering you my friend.

Dee Light

PS. Want to meet me in person? You can watch my 2013 TEDX talk on The Gorgeous Revolution here…


About the author, Dee Light

Born in the 1950’s to a nice middle class family in a leafy suburb of Melbourne, Australia, Dee grew up with a continual drive to push the envelope. And to be perfect.

At the age of 15, she lived in Japan, as an exchange student, an experience which fueled her interest in all things beautiful, and many things esoteric.

With a degree in Japanese language, she worked for the Australian Government for six years, with top secret clearance, before making a 180 degree jump to international advertising. Working on brand management for several beauty brands, the underbelly of the industry called her to investigate more fully what we women want.

Again, nudging that envelope, Dee ran a consultancy teaching Japanese to the tourism industry in the late 1980’s and taught over 4,000 willing participants, engaging her love of accelerated learning methodology. .

With an insatiable appetite for what makes the world tick, Dee has delved deeply into many questions posed by evolutionary humans and has her own take on what makes us who we are. Herself included.

Married to an ultra natural perfumer for 28 years, Dee has been privy to an energetic world of high fragrance, deep pleasure, sensual aromatics and body awareness which has given her a unique insight into how bodies respond when listened to. An advocate of energetic healing systems and understanding bodies’ unique fingerprints, her take on beauty is different to most.

In the late 1990’s she co-established an essential oil mecca with her husband in Queensland’s desirable coastal destination of Noosa, and their Gorgeous Over Thirty Bunches of Real Roses In A Jar Double Blended Cream TM became one of only two Australian brands to grace the shelves of Hong Kong’s prestigious Joyce Beauty.

Now the CEO of a new ultra-natural skincare and perfume company, www.manifestooflight.com, Dee is here to turn the beauty world upside down; to liberate our human potential and unleash generosity and genius on a grand scale, without a patent pending, anti-wrinkle claim in sight. After nearly twenty years, her cult Rose Cream and Rose Serum, hand made by her husband from the finest roses absolutes in the world, are now ready to grace gorgeous bodies on a grand scale.

The author of the book, The Gorgeous Revolution, Dee’s provocative yet clear and compelling humour make her a sought after speaker, to both male and female audiences. She may tread where others might not, so prepare be provoked and enlightened. These challenging times call for both.

If you would like to contact Dee, or book her as a speaker for events, email her at  info@gorgeousrevolution.com. 

To enquire about purchasing or being a stockist for the seriously incomparable Rose Serum and Rose Cream, contact  dee@manifestooflight.com or phone +61 7 54458910.