Everything is energy. We all feel it. We all know people who make us feel better just by being around them, and also people who drag us down. Literally. That’s because we oscillate at different frequencies. The higher your frequency, the lighter you feel. Some would like to think this is rocket science. It’s not. It’s common sense. And unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ll be noticing frequency, ie. how something feels, more and more. It’s simply everywhere.

We constantly search for connection with people on our wavelength. We look for that which resonates with our set of beliefs. Yes, beliefs have frequency. The collective global consciousness is pretty dense, and oscillates down the scale, but the higher we go, we witness genius at work. People with high frequencies have very little emotional garbage. They are light. They twinkle. They forgive easily, are calm, and centred, and aware. They are curious, open minded, and live their life from the centre. They are not at the effect of life, they see life as an opportunity to serve and to engage their talents. To expand. Not alot fazes light people.

And things we buy have frequency. The product’s frequency is affected by the intention of the company who produces it, the awareness of the people who make it, and the quality of the components it’s made from.  You can’t fake frequency. It is what it is. And we instinctively know and feel authenticity when we feel it. Authenticity resonates with a luminous clarity and levity that makes our hearts open. Dissonance is incongruence in the energetic field. We know something is wonky. Not right. But our brains just can’t put their finger on it. We just  feel out of sync.

Awareness, true awareness, oscillates at a very high frequency. One where we can attune to the frequency of the Universe, and be aware of all things simultaneously.  When true awareness arises, we are not ill, we do not age, we have access to unlimited energy and we feel no fear. We experience deep compassion, for ourselves and others. Sacred mathematical formulae unfold before our eyes and the veil is lifted.

We wake up.

High frequency is not something we strive for. It is something we surrender too. And we then recognise as our natural state.  It’s like putting our head above the clouds and just seeing blue sky. We  don’t have to meditate, be vegan, nor rise at 4am for  yoga. We just have to lighten our load by letting go of ALL pre encoded automatic programming, and extricate our mind from the collective.

We may need to fly alone for a while.

Having been around high frequency essential oils for over twenty five years, I cannot NOT be in their orbit. They have highly tuned every cell in my body. They have kept me extraordinarily well, and have expanded my capacity to see above the clouds.

So, be aware. Leave heavy situations behind. If that job weighs you down, go. If that food makes you feel heavy, don’t eat it. If that person repeatedly pulls you down, leave them. If that company manipulates you with masked lies, don’t buy from it. Choose music that raises your vibration, clothes that make you feel incredible and products that are made with high frequency integrity. Jettison the unnecessary.  Seek truth. And be willing to go where few have been.

The higher you oscillate, the higher you will fly.