Someone recently asked why we go to the extent we do, to bring our skincare into being. And here’s what I spontaneously said.

“Everywhere I’d been short changed, I wanted to swim the other way. To rectify, to make right.”

I’ve been using skincare for 47 years. I started with the ubiquitous and one and only Ponds Cold Cream, graduated to Oil of Ulan, and celebrated my teens with Clinique. From there, I catapulted to a myriad of creamy choices all boxed and sealed in cellophane, with inserts in many languages.  I even sold a brand of skincare, memorized by wrote its lengthy list of patent pending promises, and purchased every piece of the jigsaw puzzle, from eye cream to throat cream to night cream to day cream. Every promise in a jar, I exalted and even read the small print in the glossy ads. And still I had pimples, redness, sensitivity and dryness. Thank the Heavens for cover stick. I changed brands like boyfriends and flicked half empty bottles for the newest Hope in A Jar.

I was the marketers’ dream.

Waking up was a long slow process. Two steps forward, one back. On the days I was vulnerable, when my skin flared and my confidence plummeted, I flashed my credit card at the beauty counter and told myself I was worth it. Another family of white jars, heavy bottles and gold tops took up residence in my bathroom and all was well with the world.

Until it wasn’t.

I later learnt skin challenges had nothing to do with corrective skincare, but everything to do with my health. Candida prone, sensitive to chemicals, adrenaline surges, hormonal imbalances and a lack of good fats, played havoc with my skin. No external fix could reach the source, I had to work my way through, from the inside out. To go to the fountainhead of health, my body and my emotions and clear my way forward with my naturopath’s practical insight.

I’ll ask you to ponder this. If all the anti -wrinkle cream claims of the last twenty years were true, wouldn’t we ALL be wrinkle free by now?  And if one was to work, then why do we need new and improved formulae? Why is the most prevalent ingredient in skincare ‘aqua’ (yes, water), and why is the list of ingredients so lengthy, scientific sounding and written in illegible print? Why are beauty counters so hushed, and why do sales aestheticians wear so much makeup? And why, oh why are there SO many brands all claiming the same patent pending story, using airbrushed models who have nothing to do with me?

Why does a small amount of cream come in a big jar with a false bottom? Why does the serum pump fail, why can’t I get the last bit out, why is my body segmented into specific targets with a cream to match, and why do I still have wrinkles? Why is it so expensive when it contains paraffin and water?

One day the penny dropped, and the bird flew free.

I got to have my own cream. Just for me.

So, when it came time to share it with others, I wanted to stand naked in a sea of spin and simply pay homage to Nature with generosity, transparency, and heartfelt care. To just deliver a moisturizer that works. That moisturizes your skin. That calms a thirsty face, and soothes a troubled heart.

First, the jar had to be big. Not 50 ml, let’s double it. And let’s use it day and night, for face, eyes, throat, breasts and hands. And let’s really FILL the jar, so you might even get more. And let’s include an extra full baby jar, in its own black velvet pouch, incase you go away, so you don’t have to lug the big one with you.  And let’s invest in proper protective glassware, something German.  And to make it FEEL special, just for you, let’s have the family company that engraved the Melbourne Cup for four generations, engrave our logo too. And let’s include a baby mother of pearl spoon so you can gently re blend it when it needs it, to restore its rosy creaminess. Because chemical emulsifiers aren’t included.  

And let’s NOT add water, which requires preservatives to kill bacteria, and let’s apply it on a damp skin instead. So you supply the water, we supply the rest. And let’s make the rest, the best, just the finest ingredients we can. Because we wouldn’t put less on our skin, so why would we compromise yours.

Simple really.

And let’s hand blend because machines can’t feel, and don’t have heart, and let’s put it in a box that protects its global travel, with robust beauty and style. Let’s include an authentication card, in its own black envelope, signed and stamped by the Founder, so you know we were present at its birth. And let’s not scrimp. Let’s be generous, and hand fill it, to the top. And let’s just make it in limited amounts so we can savour the process and enjoy the fruits of our aromatic labour.  Because it darn well is privileged Heaven immersing ourselves in its creamy unctuousness.

And let’s never lose sight of what we are doing. Making a cream which will connect with a human body, which will light up the senses, be the reason for ritual, and which will nourish a soul. Every day.

And let’s educate our clients to ask their bodies first, let’s inform them how not to be swayed by the marketers, but be true to themselves. Let’s celebrate every cream NOT consciously chosen, as well as those embraced.

So, there you have it. You ask why we are different. Because we are.  Because we must be. Because Nature at this level demands it.  

Because nothing is more satisfying than, in a world of spin, revelling in telling the truth.