I’m one lucky woman. I repeat, Very Lucky Woman. I have my own perfumer who makes me bespoke skincare. Yup, I have surrendered, belly up. In the marriage stakes, I drew the long straw.

So instead of hogging him for me, I’m bringing his private gift of love to a bigger stage. I’ve kept it to a small audience for long enough now. Time to let go.

Welcome to Gorgeous Over Thirty Bunches of Real Roses in A Jar Double Blended Cream and its decadent partner, Gorgeous Over One Hundred Bunches of Real Roses in a Bottle Double Blended Serum. Your skincare paradigm just got rumbled.

For this is skincare with consciousness, high frequency potent 100% Pure and Natural rose oil that doesn’t normally make its way into a jar.  If it did, you’d read your  labels with care, for we are contraindicated for pregnancy, high blood pressure and epilepsy. Says something about our purity and clout, that this message is missing from virtually all commercial ‘rose’ skincare. Think about it.

I’ll retrace my steps and tell you a story. It’s an interesting one.

In 1999, after we opened our Apothecary in Noosa, my husband said to me “When are you going to stop wearing all that makeup and concealer?”

Not one to mince his words, Clive. So I threw down the gauntlet and  said, “When you make me a moisturiser that works. Please”.

Little did I know that one phrase would set my destiny. Forever.

So, not being one to skimp, he went for my underbelly, he cut me down at the knees and I surrendered. To roses so divine, they just make me swoon. He showered me with the one flower he knew my body craved but my intellect resisted. The rose. He cracked open my heart. He opened the door to deeply receive. Me.

And I never had to brave a ‘beauty’ counter again.

After six months, my skin transformed. I stopped wearing makeup. I let go. We introduced it to clients in the shop, who opened the lid and said, “Oh that’s gorgeous!” The word spread. And one cathartic Easter, I addressed my life and took the plunge. Time to think big. Within six weeks, I had my own company, Gorgeous Business, to take this little cream to the world. Cradling this naïve, pure thought, I jumped in boots and all. My accountant backed me and we launched six months later, boxed and beautiful.

Having worked in advertising, I thought I knew what to do. I approached all the magazines in Australia, retailers, top spas, department stores, lifestyle destinations, and top aestheticians. We were tested in a 21 day trial by a leading beautician against THE luxury brand of the day. And came out better than. I steadfastly kept knocking on doors, sending samples and keeping the faith. It would appear that in 2006 Australians’ desire for European brands far outweighed our recognition of Australian ones, so…..I looked northwards.

Long story short but by some fortuitous coincidence, we made our way onto the desk of a Hong Kong consultant in Austrade and the rest was history. We launched in prestigious Joyce Beauty in 2007. And we were the only skincare to make the cut when Stuart Townsend, raised the bar for the filming of Battle in Seattle’s freezing conditions in 2008.  Charlize Theron and Woody Harrelson loved us apparently.

And few in Australia knew of us, but for a private slow growing band of gorgeous women who  found us, and kept buying (yes, you know who you are), and who kept saying, ‘Please, please, don’t ever stop making my cream. My life now depends on it”.

I understand, because mine did too.

In 2008, I pulled the pin. We just couldn’t do it on our own any more. So we closed the shop, and I pulled back the bow and aimed as high as I could, and have dreamed way beyond the realms of an inexperienced ‘company director’, and said “Bugger, let’s do this properly!”.

So I am.

I have founded Manifesto of Light International (www.manifestooflight.com) to take Nature’s genius to the world, one gorgeous rose cream , rose serum and high frequency perfume at a time. Gorgeous Business is now my marketing company, and the home of The Gorgeous Revolution.

Because in fifteen  years, this is what I’ve learnt.

There’s a group of women out there who like me, have swum the other way. We’re over it. Over being treated as if there is something  ‘wrong’ with us that only an expensive, White Gilded Jar can fix. And if we shun the big guns, we’re left with nice, ‘natural’ practical and earthy skincare from the Heath Food store. Or something in between that is ‘green washed’ beyond belief, because they can.

So, for we women who read labels, want beyond ‘natural’ , and who want something luxurious, sexy, generous, delicious, bespoke  and truthful, and are willing to spend what it takes, I say welcome.

You’ve come home to you.

And I’ll tell you why. Because you’ve literally seen the light.  High frequency rose oil transcends patent pending claims, and helps light you up from the inside out. It’s what makes us bloom, and become radiant, not because of some new fandangled ingredient that was discovered under a rock somewhere, but because that’s what roses do. They trigger a light response in us all. Just plunge your nose into a  bunch of REAL perfumed roses and feel you body well up with palpable pleasure.

They help us surrender. And remind us of something exquisite that inhabits us all.

And my husband? Well, he made himself the rose serum didn’t he. He does something with its chemistry that magnetises my body from the other side of the room. It is the sexiest, most divine thing I’ve ever smelt on a man. And yes, I use it too. Every day. In fact I start my day with it, as soon as I rise. It sets my frequency, helps me remember who I am. And who he is. It’s our magnetic glue.

So, skincare? Yes, we sell skincare. Does it work? Yes, it moisturises your skin. In fact one pot does the lot with our cream, no extra eye cream, throat cream, bust cream needed.

But we won’t tell you what else it does, for you’ll just have to experience that for yourself.

And it won’t be for everyone. For not all bodies are the same.

But if you love to be pleasured, love gooey Turkish Delight, dragonflies on the wing, and long leisurely baths. Or simply love the way your lover’s hands cup your curves, chances are you’ll love our roses too. Oh, and for those of you who were counting, yes there’s way, way more than thirty bunches in a jar, we just like the sound of it.

So, here we are. After 15 years, ready to launch to intelligent, global truth seekers who know what they want. It has been quite a trip. And I feel incredibly privileged to be standing here, on the edge of a new life. Our time has now come.

For it’s not only a rose cream.

It’s a Revolution in a Jar.


PS. Our incomparable rose cream and rose serum are available to all rose lovers. Just head to www.manifestooflight.com and enjoy the read.