If you sit very quietly, you can feel your fingertips pulsate. You can feel the gentle oscillation of life as it flows through your veins. And you can feel your place in Nature. I believe our bodies are a remarkable technology, receiving and transmitting frequencies that open our senses to inner and outer landscapes hither to unknown.  And when those frequencies come in the form of exquisite, mysterious aromas, our bodies respond with an intimate curiosity that opens the door to dive deep.

I am a perfumer’s muse.  I accept the job description gladly.  Living with the sumptuous distilled offerings of Nature, perfumes of such complexity and beauty that time stands still, is no ordinary calling.  In a world of synthetic copies, I have been privileged to follow another path. For to sit with golden unctuous oils of sandalwood, jasmine and rare lotus from India, rose from Bulgaria, osmanthus from China, olibanum and myrrh from the Middle East and ylang ylang from the Congo, is to enter the inner sanctum of Nature’s boudoir. A timeless place where Nature nurtures herself.

For oils of this quality carry the life force of the universe. The coding found in Nature that illuminates the shadows, that gently calls us to the light.

If I could do one thing, it would be to simplify life. To peel away the hype, the must haves, the brands, the push, the technology, and to pare away life to just the things that are real. Real food, real perfumes, real touch, real people, real beauty. It is said that fully sensing aroma brings us to the present. To the here and now.  Where all but that which truly matters, falls away.

 I think that’s why we close our eyes to smell flowers. We just want to be delivered a piece of Heaven to light our way home.