Now this is a privilege. For years I have watched TED talks admiring the courage, fortitude, humour, chutzpah and realness of these people who stand on that stage and deliver, and have secretly wanted that too.

So here I am. Ready to walk on stage and just be me.

Apparently that is the best advice you can have too. A great friend of mine and fellow TEDX speaker, Paul Dunn, asked the highly watched Simone Sinek for some words of advice on how to deliver  the  talk of your life. And he said two words. Be yourself.

But preparing to be yourself effortlessly takes meticulous attention to detail. All nine minutes of it!

TEDX speakers just don’t stand and deliver. They stand and deliver to the mirror the bathroom, the dog, the cat next door, the wardrobe, the kids, the husband, the air. The birds in the trees. Over and over again. To embed each word into our consciousness, so it spills out with such crispness, it’s as if we untapped a well of truth.

So, thank you to TEDX. And all the people who work tirelessly behind the scenes so we have our nine minutes in the sun, on Friday 12thApril at Noosa’s J.

If you’re lucky and very, very quick you might just nab yourself a ticket before they sell out. Just go to and register. Apparently the audience can be more interesting than the speakers, so you never know who you might sit next to.