… immersion into the Aroma of Light.

The time has come to reveal our oils to bodies who are ready.

You’ll know. If you avoid synthetic perfumes, turn your nose up at scented candles, eschew crowded, noisy places, run fast past department store beauty counters, and shudder at cloying scent branding, then maybe that’s you.

But there’s some criteria you’ll need to meet. We’re for those who are ready to be present with themselves. To stop and to savour.  We’re for those who are willing to put themselves first, who don’t wait for a special occasion to honour themselves. Who are ready to invest in their body’s contentment and fine tuning. Who savour life from a pleasurable point of view. Who indulge in their senses as easily as breathing. For those who commit to the extraordinary.

So, now that you’re ready, our Aromatic Salon experience awaits.

We take a small, intimate group of receptive bodies through an aromatic degustation, lasting around two hours. We’ll traverse our ultra natural skincare range, beginning with our rare Rose Floral Water, and diving head first into hundreds of bunches of real roses with our hedonistic Rose Serum and luscious Rose Cream. We’ll boost your body’s frequency with our Well Traveller, and bring you to the here and now with our sharp Focus blend.

Then we’ll meander along the path exploring more sensual notes of Jasmine, Neroli, Boronia, Cardamom, Red Mandarin, Italian Bergamot, Lemon Verbena, Cistus, chocolatey Benzoin, laidback Sandalwood and deep Olibanum. And more. All in well rounded, perfectly balanced signature blends that set off a hum in the room that your body can’t ignore.

And you’ll surrender to the language of the Aroma of Light.

Beware, it will envelope you, seduce you, surprise you and awaken you.

And you can host a salon yourself. Invite your friends. But make sure they are ready. For their senses will be irrevocably changed. A little like a fine wine tantalises the mind, and engages the body. The door to pleasure will open.

Be prepared for an aromatic revolution.

Coming to a city near you. Contact dee@manifestooflight.com for more details.