Meet Sasha and Jess. My newly acquired samba teachers.

In my seventh decade on this earth I’ve discovered the most delicious way to move my hips. I had NO idea just how good this would feel. It’s an embodiment of self love and acceptance way beyond the years of gym/pilates/yoga/running/walking/tai chi/standing-on-my-head I have done so far. The palpable beat, the permission to sway, the permission to feel on a whole new level, just elevated my Saturday mornings.

It’s not easy. It’s not easy to break generations of British frozen hip syndrome. My colonial lineage didn’t sway their hips. I can tell. So swaying mine has meant a whole new patterning that takes time, surrender, and the willingness to just LET GO. We women who samba just don’t care what you think! Our rounded booties are getting their own passport to freedom, and our bodies are following! As Sasha says, let that bottom WIGGLE. And the more it jiggles, the more your feathers and silken dress will shimmy with the sheer delight of letting it rip.

And when you get a whole class full of women swaying in unison, the earth tilts on her axis and lets  joy fill the air with a heavenly rhythm we have known for so long. In the quiet of our hearts.

So, what an invitation. Go, move your body to this New Earth feel. Put down the weights, the exacting pose, and just be free. Maybe just for an hour a week. I can guarantee that’s all the permission your gorgeous body will need to unpattern the past, and get the ball rolling in a new, luscious direction.

Feel the beat. It’s waiting for you.