Back in the early 2000’s our Gorgeous Rose Cream was born. It’s first logo was hand drawn by my wonderful English friend and maverick, Jo, and we launched our first edition. Small round brown jars, with red wax seals. I loved the logo so much I had it tattooed somewhere for my 50th birthday. So, yes, I am forever labelled as gorgeous. It’s a remarkable word, and one we throw about with great abandon, but it does have a very specific meaning. When she announced our new Jasmine perfume as ”Gorgeous!” I quickly asked a friend what she meant. She looked at me with sparkle, joy and heart felt relief. ”I don’t exactly know” she said, “I just feel like you wrapped me up and hugged all the bad away”.

Many years later, when writing my book, I felt compelled to look at the word in greater depth, and then more words beginning with ‘G’ tumbled forth, and an avalanche of gorgeousness spilled out onto the page…

Gorgeous starts with ‘G’.

So does ‘Generosity of spirit, Gratitude, Grace, Graciousness, Genius, Grey hair, Generative, and Giving’.

Being gorgeous has nothing to do with looks. It’s a word we spontaneously use to describe something delicious that creeps up on us, and takes our breath away.

Children are gorgeous. So are puppies, babies, big brie cheeses, plump plum tarts, full frocks, bunches of overblown roses, Turkish delight, dragon flies, ripe pomegranates, luscious oils, beautiful sunsets, and handmade bread. And some Italian men.

Gorgeous has nothing to do with hard edges, closed hearts, green jealousies, or back stabbing nastiness.

It has everything to do with LOVE.

When we first introduced our rose cream in our shop, women would inhale gently, smile and say, ”That’s gorgeous”.

So we named it Gorgeous Over Thirty Bunches Of Real Roses In A Jar Double Blended Cream.

When our Hong Kong agent first opened a jar, she simple said,”It made me feel happy”.

Well it is time to be even more than happy.

It is time to be Great. And Generous. And Generative.

Greater than you’ve ever been prepared to be.  And big hearted Generous. Generous with your gifts, your care, your kindness. Your strength. Your wisdom.

Your talents.

And Generative. Yes, you can generate the change you now want to see in this world.

The Gorgeous Revolution seeks women and men who want to live their lives with a Generosity of Spirit that opens the door for others, as well as themselves.

That opens the door for the Universe to engage in the gift of giving.

For the universe is truly a generous place. Ask, and it is given.

And to experience true giving, one must be willing to RECEIVE.  It is reciprocal. You cannot have one without the other.

And Generosity of Spirit is about being happy when others are happy.

Finding joy in others’ success, celebrating when life lands in each other’s lap.

Genuine Generosity of Spirit can only exist when we no longer are compelled to compete.

And the holy grail of external beauty keeps competition in place. Like glue.


So how to Let Go?


Gratitude. Gratitude is gracious. Being grateful is the highest state one can be. It opens the heart, connects with all that is, and puts you in the flow of gifts.

Of evolutionary life itself.

It opens the door to receiving.

Gratitude means saying thanks. For the air we breathe, for the voice we have, the food we eat, the friends we have, the family we love. The bigness we truly be.

The good times, and the bad. For it ALL has its place.

It is the quickest, most potent way to turn our lives around.

Be grateful, and all else falls away.

Ask, everyday.  

What’s RIGHT about me I’m not seeing?

What’s RIGHT about this situation I’m not seeing?

What’s RIGHT about my body I’m not seeing?


And focus on that. That which is right, that which is true and beautiful.

For everywhere there is love, even in the darkest of places.


GRATITUDE will transform everything.  Everything. Embrace it ALL.


And please don’t be this ‘sickly sweet, spiritually significant, gratingly grateful’ sycophant either. Because we all see through you.


GRATITUDE is an energy. We can feel its truth. It is quiet. And deep.


And be GRACIOUS. Please say thank you. Look people in their eyes. Connect.

Do not rush through life. Be present.  Take your time. Turn off your phone and take your time.

I knew a woman once who folded her socks with GRACE. She folded mine once when she minded our children.  She cared for each minute detail in life like it mattered.

She taught me how to bake bread, fold socks. I have not been able to duplicate her still presence as yet, but give me time. I will surrender to the quietest movements of everyday living. The daily chores that reveal their gems.

For GRACE exists in the quiet breath of the moment. And we must listen to hear its whisper.

And GENIUS. Oh, yes genius. We all have it, but it must be released.

Dr John Demartini taught me a valuable habit. Every day, simply say,

“I am a genius and I apply my wisdom”.

When we do that, we truly get out of our own way and let the genius of something bigger come through. And we are brilliant beyond our humanly capacity; we become the thoughts, the eyes, the ears, the voice, and the heart of God. Or whatever you call that something bigger

Imagine, just for a moment, if we taught all our children that. All their genius, in all its forms, would blossom. Without an educational bell curve in sight.


And grey hair. Ha. The GREY hair.

What is it with grey hair? Ah, I remember now.

It was easy at first to cover The Grey. Then it started to peep out at the sides. Pop up more often, and make a nuisance of itself. I endured the colour, the chemicals, the smell. I endured it all, so I could  pretend  I was in control of this aging, I still looked  young for my age, and proud of my shiny dark hair.

The one day my hairdresser looked me square in the eyes, and told me,

“GET over yourself”.

And I did. Just like that.

Julie, if you are reading this. I’m grateful.

And none of my ‘girlfriends’ spoke to me. Not one. Not one had the courage to say, thank you. Thank you for breaking the mold, letting us all off the hook.

I watched my mother and other women her age battle with the colour bottle. Never wanting to give in. Because when you do, everyone will know you are ‘getting old’.

Even my grandmother had a bottle of hair colour in her drawer when she died at 83.

Nobody knows what to say. For when a woman goes Grey, she breaks ranks. She breaks rules.

She lets the side down.

The small side that is.

But not the Bigger We.

So I am here to tell you the same.

It’s OK. It’s a choice. And, if you are brave enough, then


Get a short cut. A GREAT cut.

And stop covering the grey. I dare you. Double dare you.

Finger dry your hair, and nourish it with coconut, jasmine and ylang ylang.

Throw out your dye (have you ever noticed it says poison on the box), get a great pair of earrings, and get over yourself.

And with the money you save, experiment with makeup. Try natural minerals, and soften your look.

Or darken your lipstick. Be daring. Be different.

Wear a hat. I don’t care. Please just get over yourself.

Be GENERATIVE. Be open to receiving energy and generating new ideas.

For that is what you are, nothing less than a giant generator.

A giant fractal with fresh ideas, more connections and an infinite array of choice.

And keep moving.


Expand, grow, and be willing to change. In a heartbeat.

For there is only now.

What more can we be, what more can we receive, what more can we GENERATE here on the earth for the benefit of all?

And last, but not least…

How can we GIVE?

I have a plan. I have a dream.

The Gorgeous Revolution is about breaking the addiction we have to external beauty, and finding a bigger joy.

A larger connection.

Giving is a bigger joy

Imagine if just 1% of ALL money spent on beauty in the world, think dieting, cosmetic surgery, hair, teeth whitening, make up, anti aging, spas, waxing, lasers, liposuction, facials, manicures, hair dyes and breast implants and more, could be given back.

It would be billions. Billions of dollars, changing millions of lives. Ours included.

To educate, micro finance village enterprise, dig wells, feed children, provide housing, healing, stop sex slavery, genital mutilation, blindness, cleft palates. And more.

And what if every day you felt down, you could give instead of buy, give instead of cry, and give instead of whinge.

You could log onto a site, buy a goat for family, and put a smile on you face.

And theirs. For a whole year.

Comooon, what sort of no brainer is that?

Giving opens your heart. Literally. I don’t mean it in a stereotyped, metaphysical way, I mean really. Practically.

Feel it.

Give someone a hug, a gift, a flower, a kind gesture, and see how you feel.

Genuine Giving is Oneness in action. Giving will heal the planet. But only when receiving comes with it.

For the two are one.

When you give, you receive you.

And there’s no finer gift to receive….

Than YOU.