7 Day Venus Codes Transmission




This unique high -frequency program of daily energetic transmissions has been designed to activate the inherent wisdom and power encoded within your physical body and restore its original Venusian blueprint of balanced Masculine and Feminine energies.

Participants can expect an activation of their capacity to experience pleasure, beauty, sensuality, appreciation, and increased sense of personal boundaries. To put your body’s innate intelligence front and centre.

The daily transmission of The Venus Codes will be enhanced by the laser accuracy of The Venus Pendulum and its powerful combinations of rose gold, mauve chalcedony, purple tanzanite, pink sapphires, paraiba tourmaline, and white diamonds, and of course the luscious akoya pearls. It’s a powerful instrument of transformation that activates the true expression of your Feminine and Masculine selves.

Men and women are likely to respond to the Venus Codes differently.

As a woman you can expect The Venus Codes to not only address the wellbeing of your physical body, but also awaken you to a new level of appreciation for the beauty of its design, and its capacity to enjoy life’s pleasures in all forms, through all its senses:  aroma, sight, taste, touch, music, movement and beyond.

As a man, you can expect the Venus Codes to focus on restoring balance to a system overloaded with conflicting electrical impulses that cause frustration, confusion and eruptive anger. This foundational reset begins to clear emotional residue in the form of guilt and shame from the energetic matrix, restoring libido, and a renewed sense of purpose. 

There is no need to be present at a workshop as you’re able to receive this transmission of The Venus Codes from anywhere in the world. This is a unique new way to experience rapid personal transformation and embody the highest frequencies available. All that is required of you to participate is to observe the changes you experience both from and inner perspective; thoughts feelings and physical sensations etc, and from outer observations of the people and events that present themselves to you on a daily basis. You can record these on the Venus Codes personal journal pages provided when you enrol.

The transmission will happen from the first Monday in each month, for 7 days. Contact info@gorgeousrevolution.com for more details.


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