7 Day Venus Codes Transmission




This unique high-frequency program of daily energetic transmissions has been designed to activate the inherent wisdom and power encoded within your body to its full potential. This activation program empowers you to improve the quality of your connection to the gift that is your physical body: its health, vitality, balanced and grounded self-image, and personal boundaries.

The 7-day VENUS CODES transmission Program for Women, not only addresses the wellbeing of your physical body, but awakens you to a new level of appreciation for the beauty of its design and its propensity for the enjoyment of life’s pleasures in all its forms and through all its senses: taste, aroma, touch, sight, hearing connection and beyond.

The 7-day VENUS CODES transmission Program for Men focuses on emotional residue, getting to the root of the challenge and clearing guilt and shame from the energetic matrix. A great place to start. From there, personal boundaries can be established, and greater clarity and balance restored. The way forward becomes clear. A little like the way a computer is defragged, restarted and new software downloaded.

The daily transmission of THE VENUS CODES using THE VENUS PENDULUM activates the potency of your physical body as the foundation for this transformation. THE VENUS PENDULUM, a remarkable piece commissioned from Manifesto of Light, is a unique combination of rose gold, akoya pearl, pink sapphire, purple tourmaline, parariba, diamonds and purple chalcedony arranged in sacred geometry to physically transmit THE VENUS CODES with exquisite ease and laser clarity.

P.S. The 7 Day Venus Codes Transmission commences on the first Monday of every month. The Women and Men programmes are run simultaneously. Please enrol by the end of the previous month to ensure you are ready to participate fully.


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