The Gorgeous Revolution (Book)

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2 reviews for The Gorgeous Revolution (Book)

  1. Chris D

    Live a larger life with Dee. Her book will encourage you to listen to your wiser self, dream big, and silence that inner critic. For all those ‘nice girls’ out there – wow, feel that fierce, powerful woman that doesn’t have to be nice, swallow her anger or hide her brilliance any more. Feel the permission to grow into someone you know you are, the women inside you who has been put on the back burner for far too long, with all the burdens of bringing up kids, building a career, working and the day to day running of a household, and looking after family. Read Dee and you’ll start believing you are enough. Just the way you are. Her book is gorgeous to dip in and out of, with bits you’ll laugh at, bits you’ll underline, and bits that will become words you come back to again and again. Read it if you want to set yourself free. Especially true if you want to make friends with your body, and love it for all it does and is.

  2. Jacqui S

    This is no run of the mill text. It is deep and incredibly thought provoking. Dee’s book encouraged me to bin my scales and embrace my body just as it is. She helped me to start a practice of connecting with my body and asking what it needs and wants. Thanks to her inspiration, I stopped the constant hair dye culture and embraced my beautiful silver streaks. The book showed me it was OK to be angry, to confront my fears, and to be grateful for everything: the good and the bad. Overall the lasting message for me that i took was “I do not judge myself. Any more. I am enough”. and for this I will be always thankful.

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