There is a rumble going on. A visceral rumble I feel in my belly and it’s not going away.

It has heat. And it cannot be contained. I know you feel it too.

It is now time.

Apparently ‘Women Over 50’ is the largest single spending demographic on the planet. And apparently the Dalai Lama said, it is we women who will change the world.

So where we put our money matters.  Where we put our focus matters. And where we put our energy is paramount.

In short, we are sitting on a gold mine. Yet we are largely ignored.

To free ourselves from self-inflicted bondage, we sometimes have to stop being nice. Stop being a good girl. And start being a woman. A full-blown woman who matters.

To do that we have to slow down to connect with that slow burn, that Pandora’s Box that stores the anger, the hurts, the guilt and the shame, the unforgiving. The fear.

Bring it to the fore. And be willing to let it go.

For if we don’t it will fester. It will have nowhere to go. It will go round and round and boil over as hot flushes, steamy resentments, volcanic tears and a slow retreat from feeling wanted.

So stop. We have power. We have potency. We are connected to a potency so momentous, so mind blowing, it will knock your socks off. And to find it, we must get real.

We must remember who we are and why we came.

For only then will WE matter.