The Book

This is not a beauty book.
Nor is it not a book about self- esteem.
Nor is it a book about spiritual enlightenment.

You may notice I do not have angels on the cover, nor purple. Anywhere.

This is not a book about how ‘amazing, awesome, phenomenal, beautiful, transformed, goooooorgeous, enlightened, and extraordinary’ you are.

Pink syrupy, hypnotic language of the New Age kind just lulls us into thinking we are so ‘transformationally connected’, that all we have to do is go ooohh, ahhh, and look into each other’s eyes and all will be well.

It won’t.

When you leave the workshop, it won’t. When you get back to the daily grind of life, it doesn’t change.

Your guru just left town.

All the crystals, metaphysical healings, readings, chanting, white light and sharing goddess circles won’t change a thing.

Unless you choose

In a world where it is OK for twenty something year olds to have botox, and breast implants, I wonder where we lost ourselves. Maybe in the search to be the fittest, the sleekest, the glossiest, the smoothest, the firmest, the plumpest, the most buffed, the most gelled, the most manicured, hair straightened, accepted and cosmically cool, we simply lost the plot.

Our bodies are simply commodities. Our houses are too big, our lifestyles too credit card extended, out plasma screens too many. And our shoes too bizarre.

And we are dying. From cancers, broken hearts, and depression induced ailments.

Just like our planet.

So, we require nothing short of a Revolution. Where we tip it all upside down, look at it from an entirely different perspective, take a deep breath, and simply ask…

Who are we REALLY and why, oh why, are we here?

So, if you have landed on this book, then you are curious.

For this is a book like no other.

It calls for radical change in a world where such change can make you radically uncomfortable.

It runs counter to the monolithic global beauty tide.

I’m not going to gloss. For too many in the self-help industry make life look so easy.

Well, it is, and it isn’t.

And you read those books, give it a go, then fall off the wagon to go searching for something new.

I’m here to tell you there is nothing new.

What if you couldn’t be fixed, better than, made whole, and enlightened.

What if there was never anything wrong with you?


And all you had to do was open your eyes to what is already there.

Right now.

And stop searching for what you have been, all along.

I am writing this book because I have a sense of urgency.

Things must change and change soon. The planet is not well.

And many of us are not well.

I am writing this book because I can’t see people unhappy with their bodies any more.

It hurts me to see young women want new breasts because they don’t like the ones they have.

It hurts me to see fathers of young women lament as they see their daughters crave a different shape.

It hurts me to see women constantly battling with food, good food, bad food, and starving and purging themselves.


It hurts me to see women push their husbands away because they don’t like their own thighs.

And it hurts me to see so much money and angst spent of getting hair right.

It hurts me to see such amazing creative energy get funnelled into competing, all life long. For what? A place in the beauty queue, a moment in the sun when someone else thinks we’re pretty enough. To matter.

For I want women, young and old, to be free.

To be their own unique beauty. To let the sun shine through.

To be themselves. Gloriously.

Without a beauty point of view.

To be able to tune their radar to what they are really here to do.

Contribute to the world by being all they can be, and more, and more.

To be as BIG as they truly be.

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