He’s not coming.

He’s not going to arrive with a trumpet fanfare, an angel gathering, a sermon on the mount. It’s simply fake news. No amount of prayer, repent, church attendance, confession, coin donation, flagellation, nor fear will make him appear.

He’s just not coming.

The world is amuck. Politics blatant, banks flagrant, developers beyond arrogant. A long line of injustice, imbalance, greed, power and lies, narrows our view, contracts our thinking, pits us against each other in a survive at all cost, economic growth at all cost, win at all cost, death dive.

Nothing external is arriving now to fix the mess we are in. No saviours, gurus, uber influencers, charismatic soothsayers.

Nothing. No one.

For those believers who have paved their way out of this life with gold and ‘good deeds’, you cannot buy Heaven. You cannot use your power to slipstream your exit. We ALL are equal when it comes to facing our humanity. Money and favours are left at the door.

We now know that we live in a quantum world. One of frequencies. In which EVERY single thing resonates. Including emotions. And we are learning that harboured emotions can be measured too. The slow moving dense ones bring a decisive death, slowly pickling our bodies with shame, guilt, remorse, jealously, hatred. Greed comes next, survival, competition, power over, separation. Heavy, thick, immutable. Despondency has driven us to shop, to blow out debt, to eat too much, drink too much, to numb our hearts, to drive our shallow care deep into our feet, to trample on kindness in concrete cities that crush our spirit.

And he’s still not coming.

Because that’s NOT what’s planned.

Contrary to what the patriarchal priests in rich red robes would like us to believe, we cannot admit our sins enough to bring him back. Religion is done. Ritualistic ceremony delivered from a pulpit has its days numbered. Dominion over the truth is now over. Corrupted messages now exposed.

For we have reached the truth tipping point, the point of no return, the fulcrum is touched, the tide is turning. For we, the people are coming into the light. Our own light.

Our own newly, shiny christed-selves.

Because our bigger selves, our huge selves, our self that observes, our self that is calm, that is kind, that is wise, that is unwaveringly still, is taking over the bus. We have a new a driver.

Belief systems are crumbling, spiritual edicts are dissolving, all the scaffolding that holds all our hurts, our hates, our anger, our shame, our guilt, is buckling.

And we are setting ourselves free.

We are beginning to choose love over fear, sharing over scarcity, collaboration over competition, kindness over cruelty, making things matter over relinquishing care, support over power, patience over push, us over them. Light over dark, peace over war. And stillness. Just being still to hear the warm hum of silence that underpins it all.

We have stopped spinning.

Long enough to see that we ARE the very things we’ve been waiting for. Nothing wrong, nothing to fix.

WE are the Second Coming. Each and every one of us. Jesus can come down from the pulpit, down off the cross. He’s tired. He only came to Earth to teach us love. Not to define our sins. Religion did that. Jesus didn’t. Christ consciousness has nothing to do with religion, spiritual dogma, inflated gurus, gold laden pulpits.

Christ consciousness is quite simply Unity consciousness. Where we recognise, with knee buckling humility that we are ALL equal. That we are ALL the hands, the feet, the mouths, the ears, the eyes of a jaw droppingly huge benevolence that defies words. That we are all One.

2020 heralds a new era. This Christmas focus on that which is expansive, nourishing, kind, generous.

Feed what is right in this world. With your appreciation, your commitment, your vision. Let your heart open with a 528hz hum, and let it connect with each and every blossoming, flowering heart you meet. Let there be a tsunami of understanding, of reconciliation, of walking together, of listening, of deeply holding each other’s hearts in our hands to create this New Earth.

Jesus is watching. So is Mohammad, Buddha, Gandhi, Mother Mary, Magdalene.

And your children. 

See you in 2020, for we have work to do.