The Venus Codes

About the Venus Codes

The Venus Codes, one of The Codes of Life elixirs created by my colleague, Moira Mac, provide the high frequency foundation for The Gorgeous Revolution. Together with The Rose Serum, they hold open the doorway to True Personal Sovereignty and activate the Venusian qualities that encourage the full appreciation of refined beauty, pleasure and grounded purpose.

The Codes of Life are a unique set of high frequency elixirs that are made for this extraordinary time. Moira Mac can be reached on her website Her new Gene Codes, which complement The Venus Codes, defrag the DNA of all epigenetic history, thus clearing the way for one’s Divine Blueprint to be established. True alchemy in action.

How to Access the Venus Codes

The Venus Codes can be accessed by purchasing The Book and The Codes together, or by participating on The Venus Codes 7 Day Transmission. The 7 Day transmission is a unique high frequency program of daily energetic downloads to activate your Venusian qualities of true beauty, vitality and grounded purpose.