There’s just too many.

Too many shoes, too many diets, too many cook books, too many fitness experts, too many ageing experts. Too many face creams, too many jeans, too many Facebook likes, too many gurus, too many marketing experts. Too many parenting experts, too many gadgets, too many coffee choices, too many texts, too many green juices, too many organic judgements. Too many blogs.

Too many people telling me what to do.

Too much choice, too much noise, too much that is new, too much that is the same and too much that I just don’t need. Or want.

And I sit in the middle of it all.

What if I could live my life at the effect of none of it?  And at the effect of no one? What if I observed my 360 degree, 24/7 landscape and felt completely free, at peace to choose what works for me. And at the same time knowing my choices affect the whole.  That in some way I am responsible for it all.

How might I live my life then?

For me The Gorgeous Revolution is just not about finding our inner beauty. It is much, much more. It is about leaving behind all that binds us. All that conforms us.  All that defines us.  All that beckons us. It is about jumping off a cliff with no one else but us to know that the jump was good. No one to compliment us. No one to say we got it right. No one to like our facebook status.

Just an inner sense of rightness.  An inner sense of lightness.

No one said this trip would be easy. But wow. We’re here. So let’s make the utter most of it.

Don’t waste another day listening to someone else’s tune.

There are over 7 billion frequencies on this planet. Beam out yours.