In our busy 24/7 driven lives, we are hungry. Touch hungry.

Science has shown us that our growth as humans is stunted when we are not safely touched. Held. Caressed, soothed. Loved. And how many of us as adults have sensory deprivation, where we cannot feel, smell, internally see, taste, be? For to develop our sensory capacity, we need another to see us, to safely touch us. To activate our deeper senses, to help us bare witness to our own unique selves.

I’m sometimes privy to an extraordinary, private process. My husband is a natural perfumer, and a body worker of twenty years experience, working with over 10,000 bodies. The medium via which he communicates best is touch. A touch so sensitive, so gentle, so present, so uniquely personal, bodies feel safe to let their secrets be seen. He touches with a look, his voice, his intention to be fully present to witness another.

I have watched him begin to make a perfume. To tune into a client’s unique signature with deft, full body listening, to marry Nature’s high frequency aromatic coding to an individual’s story to reveal and amplify their truth.

I have watched him quietly ask questions, which initially appear random, unconnected, mundane even, but which start to chip at their protective shell, to slowly reveal their little hidden gems of humanness. The deep sacred secrets that only they know. I have witnessed bodies melt at the touch of his words, his care, his ability to listen to the unsaid. And I have watched pupils dilate, goose bumps shiver, and their light turn on with the reverent, gentle application of just the right aroma, just the right gift from Nature.

And through my privileged witnessing, I too have been touched by the way light is accessed, delivered, transmitted by the willingness to reveal. The willingness to be real.

So, next time you are tempted to buy that perfume in a bottle, ask, will it truly reveal me, deeply touch me, honour me, expand me, amplify me? Or will it simply bend me, trick me into smelling like others, so that I too can fall into line behind the marketers’ campaign, the seductive claim, the persuasive hook.

Explore your hunger. And seek what is real.