Air is the connective soup via which we live. Without it, we die. And yet, this phenomenal resource is so devalued, forgotten and wasted in most built environments that we barely survive. Many of us run on empty.

Yet give us a day away in Nature, the trees, the forest, the garden and we return, replete with energy and focus.

Why not simply combine the two?

A new opportunity is emerging to create living buildings by bringing the forest inside the boardroom, creating clarity, energy and focus. Buildings devoid of Nature starve our bodies. However, buildings whose air is vitalised with high frequency essential oil blends do the opposite. They energise, elevate and elucidate. They breathe life into their inhabitants.

Essential oils are the immune system of plants, and they carry life force. They are one of the most potent wellness tools on the planet today. In recent decades, they have been degraded, synthesized, watered down and commercialised to such a degree that their efficacy has been compromised. Many have gradually been replaced with synthetic, lifeless versions that ‘smell like’, but carry no life enhancing frequency. ‘Citrus notes’ does not equal high frequency Italian bergamot essential oil.  

Their reputation has therefore been sullied and relegated to some branded candle that sits over there. Or some fruity coconut fragrance that resembles neither and makes sensitive noses cringe.

People, I’m afraid you have been duped. Cheated of the Real Thing.

For quietly waiting in the wings is a calibre of essential oil few have experienced. They are extracted with extreme care from plants grown under the best conditions. Every step in their production and distribution process is done with the highest intent.  For their life force is intact. Unadulterated, potent proprietary blends to boost immune function, clarify thinking, unlock creativity, assist the learning process and bring bodies to a sense of peace. So they feel safe.

So let’s apply this to business. Let’s look at bottom line productivity and employee engagement. What would happen if work places diffused essential oils in strategic locations? For us, working with essential oils for twenty five years has revealed the most striking of patterns. Qualitative feedback that consistently indicates people function better when the air they breathe is transformed with specific oils.

One client we worked with in the early nineties was conducting a challenging language programme for 2,500 of their staff. The participants were reluctant to attend, company politics were rife and the training rooms had no windows, hence fresh air. Learning the language for some cynical participants was also an enormous challenge. In short, resistance was palpable.

Within ten minutes of diffusing a particular blend designed to clear the head and activate the gut (second brain), the trainer had 100% participation in the room. This blend was used in a variety of training situations, always with the same outcome. People volunteered they felt ‘lighter’, the learning was easier and they felt less fatigued at the end. Equally as important, the trainer herself felt energised and vibrant after a full day’s facilitation.

A year into our working with the client, the company training manager was showing another trainer the room.  He entered, immediately ran his hands along the wall, and commented: “Someone creates magic in this room’.  He had literally felt the frequency change when entering and became quite animated. 

Given the millions of dollars invested in corporate training in Australia, often with questionable outcomes due to lack of participation and attention, the diffusing of particular oils is about to become a measurable practical necessity to ensure training budgets are well spent.

Another client, a large luxury property developer, was experiencing a frustrating start to the marketing campaign of their $400 million development. All the dollars outlaid had not taken into account the ‘cold, unwelcoming’ effect of the glossy showroom.  People were initially attracted, but were walking out just as fast. After the installation of an unassuming diffuser in the corner of the showroom, their sales jumped by $15million in a very short time. A company shareholder was known to kick her shoes off, and commented that it was the most beautiful aroma she had ever experienced. Little did she know that aroma was a potent blend of purposely synergised essential oils to diffuse and counteract the negativity of the land on which the development was built.

Now for those of you who are really curious, let’s talk about frequency. The higher the frequency, the lighter the energy, and the more efficient the synergistic output. Most businesses operate with a top down approach, the ‘power over’ model. Employees at the bottom are demotivated, valued less and turn up to work because they have to. Office politics abound, absenteeism is rife and output questionable.

Businesses of the new paradigm operate with an ever flowing toric field where energy flows unimpeded around the company, enabling each member of the team to contribute their genius to the whole. Politics and ‘power over’ simply do not exist.

High frequency essential oils also raise awareness. They are potent concentrations of highly charged molecules that are absorbed by the bloodstream, carrying information from the greater cosmos. In short, they open channels to higher consciousness. Higher consciousness has nothing to do with spiritual superiority.  It has everything to do with self -awareness, doing more with less, problem solving with ease and being present with peers.

The CEO of the company sits at the centre of the torus, overseeing the energy flow in the business. They set the intention. The more aware the CEO, the greater the flow of energy. Select essential oil blends carry the intention of the CEO and amplify their frequency throughout the building. Quantum physics in dynamic action. The air becomes charged with intention and can literally be sensed by those entering the space.  This is intelligent leadership that understands how intention is conveyed, how human beings interact, and what makes their etheric energy systems come alive.

Author David Hawkins (Power VS Force) explores levels of human consciousness in a compelling way. Using kinesiology he has devised a scale of 1 to 1000, to measure where people function on the awareness scale. Most of the global population sits under 200. Shame, guilt, apathy and blame all sit under 50 and then we slowly start moving upwards. 200 is where ethics and integrity just start to kick in. We have a long way to go. Unconditional love begins at 500.

However, it’s on the move. Those astute sensitive ones can feel it. The higher the frequency, the better we feel. I’m going to venture something really radical. Illness stops over 500. Homeostasis is achieved and we just feel well, energised, calm, on purpose, and heart centred. We literally hum.

This is the new paradigm in business. High frequency toric fields attuning everyone in their presence to greater possibility. Who wouldn’t want to work in a place like that?

However, there is one overriding proviso that limits the efficacy of using essential oils in business. It’s a case of caveat emptor, buyer beware. The skill and highly tuned awareness of the practitioner is paramount to the end result. The essential oil arena can be a minefield, choose carefully. Capacity to create tailored blends is a necessary skill, as is the ability to read and intuit where energy is flowing, or not. This is not a neat party plan approach.

We’re heading into challenging times. Creating conscious companies is no walk in the park. It takes courage, intelligence, patience and vision. And heart. And yet our world will not thrive without them.

We see an enormous opportunity in this arena to energise business with bringing Nature indoors. There are so many applications for high grade essential oils, it’s exhilarating. Imagine arriving at your overseas destination after a long haul flight feeling clear, revitalised and rested. Imagine hospitals whose stress levels in emergency departments are dramatically reduced via careful selection of clarity inducing blends. Imagine learning environments where participants are stimulated to activate different parts of their brains by simply breathing energised air. And imagine boardrooms of expansive co creative deals which seek to better human kind.

Tap into Nature’s genius, and she’ll open up a world of wellness wealth and unimaginable energetic flow. A field of infinite possibility. We know it’s time.