This is a very poignant time. We are all on the edge of something new. A good friend once told me that this time can be compared to the following: there is a turtle swimming on the bottom of the ocean and she surfaces for air, once every 1,000 years. And there is a small plastic ring 15 centimetres in diameter bobbing on the surface of the whole ocean. The probability of the turtle putting her head through the ring on surfacing, is the same as the probability of you incarnating at this extraordinary time.  Ponder that. I did.

If that be the case, then what am I doing with my life? And how dare I shy away from such a tumultuous, exhaustingly pregnant opportunity to hang on in there, hang out on the edge and co create a new way. For what we see hasn’t been before. What we desire, and you all know what I mean, hasn’t been done before. We have lived so far from our hearts for so long that we wonder if we’re crazy to dream the dreams we do.

Well, its not. Breathing life into this new earth will be fraught with difficulty. Fraught with negativity, naysayers, and people whose sole purpose is to block every step you take. But if we don’t take those steps, nothing will change. And that well of desire, that impulse from Heaven itself will dry up. And life will be normal, every day, like ground hog day 1000 times over.

So what to do? If you, like me, find yourself on the precarious edge, and everything you ever knew was possible is dangling like a thread, then dig deep. Dig your heels in and stand. Take a big breathe and dive in. For when in deep water become a diver. Dive into all your resistance,  impatience, deep rooted judgements and face your fear head on. Nothing you have conjured  up in your head is really true. It’s all a lie. You agreed to that lie lifetimes ago to stop you now. So, you can give up. Or expand past. Your choice. What a bugger it would be to give up and walk away when you were just a hair’s breadth away from breaking through? So, look around and  join hands now. For you are not alone. We are all at the edge.

At the edge of something new. For all our sakes, don’t waste this moment to change the world. It needs you.