It’s 2018. The #metoo movement has launched. Pussy hats have been knitted and universally worn for Trump’s 2017 inauguration (3 million I hear), and women are starting to speak. The suppressed is finally being expressed.

So here we go. Time to bring vaginas into the light, to address them in terms of health, vitality and sovereignty. To enable our daughters to love and respect theirs, and to welcome ours into our daily, grounded, health practice. For without our own respect nor nourishment, how can we expect men to treat them differently. It starts with us.

For vaginas can be like Pandora’s boxes. They open the lid to murky, historically corrupted secrets that we hold tight. For shame and guilt live there. And deep, unspoken confusion.

Even saying the word VAGINA is hard for some women to do. It’s not culturally nice.

It’s contaminated with so many belief systems from culture to culture, east and west, religious and spiritual. It’s better left out of the conversation, skirted around, avoided at all costs. Almost like children who hide their eyes and pretend we can’t see them.

And Nice Women do not use their vaginas to get what they want.  Nice Women keep their distance from their vagina. It’s an area for personal care and to check annually with cold clinical pap smears. It’s down there. Somewhere.

And if you’re a career woman, whose livelihood depends on your intellect and monthly targets, your head is most likely stuck in a spread sheet, and a long, long way from a smooth bed sheet. With every weary day, the gulf is widening. It’s getting cold down there.

So I’m going to approach this dilemma head on with a different point of view. One which has set me free. One which helped me get over the taboo, the silence, the avoidance, the collective shame.

It’s time we bring the big V conversation into the light. Into HEALTHY conversation.

My vagina is first and foremost here for me. It leads to the furnace that ignites my Heart. Literally.

It leads me to my Sovereignty.

As a woman, my most fundamental centre is my sexual potency. The magnetic, humming centre that fuels my desires, my heart and my clear sense of very grounded self. It drives my health. And when energetically combined with my heart, gives my inner compass an engine.

It keeps my body well. It helps circulate energy, gives me a sense of ownership, defining my boundaries. It is my own personal generator.

For that reason, I never turn it off. I keep the connection. I can sense it is there.

And it is not a tool for power over. I repeat, it is NOT a tool for power over. Power over men nor other women. When we use it as power over, as is oh so easy to do, we deplete our potency and slip into the collective consciousness sexual realm of Game Playing.

Power plays underpin our lives everywhere. In politics, at work, in relationship, with mothers over daughters, mothers over sons and women over women. Yes, everywhere.

So, own it.

Be really conscious of what you do with this potency. Reconnect with it, and reframe it as part of your daily health routine. Familiarise yourself with your vagina. Re acquaint yourself with its soft folds and its palpable warmth. Take care of it. Learn how to cultivate it, connect with it. Nourish it with oils and care. Explore it. Stoke the fire that cleans your internal pipes.  Make it your friend. Take back its ownership. Don’t let anyone touch it without the level of honouring you and it deserves.

Now give it the honouring it deserves yourself. It’s your doorway to elegant, honest pleasure, healthy vibrancy, connecting you to a body awareness that will enliven all you do.

And create a deep open channel in your belly that connects to your heart. And then fuel your heart. Keep it open. Keep it stoked. Keep it strong in a world that would hijack it in an instant. If it could.

And teach your daughter to understand and nourish her vagina too. To love it. To honour it. Cleanly, clearly. No spiritual significance here. Her health depends on it.

For a woman who can access clean, clear anger, who has boundaries in place, who nourishes herself, values herself, and who doesn’t play party politics, nor compete with the crowds, will always be well. Vitally, energetically, ebulliently  well. For she is self immunised from all of those that want to take her down.

Vaginas lead to potency. They lead to joy and pleasure, connection and sovereignty.

Reconnect with yours now.